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About Us

Prime Abroad Educational Services

In the vibrant heart of Cochin, Kerala, India, resides Prime Abroad Educational Services, a beacon of educational guidance since its establishment in 2016. Our unwavering commitment to transcending borders and unlocking a world of possibilities for academic excellence and personal growth sets us apart.

We passionately champion aspiring scholars, guiding them to the zenith of academic brilliance and personal refinement. With resolute dedication, we pave the way for academic excellence, transcending conventional education to transform dreams into global achievements.

As stewards of educational prowess, we tirelessly expand horizons, enabling students to embrace the richness of global knowledge. Our commitment resonates through every endeavor, fostering a legacy of academic distinction and personal growth.

Prime Abroad Educational Services is where aspirations take flight, borders dissolve, and futures are crafted with brilliance. Join us in this remarkable journey of exploration, growth, and global success.

Who we are ?

We are a distinguished study abroad consultancy, resolutely committed to empowering individuals and families to realize their lifelong dreams of pursuing education and career prospects overseas. Our expertise extends beyond borders, as we actively facilitate work permits, enriching our clients’ international journeys and expanding their horizons.


“We passionately lead the way in educational consultancy, acting as the vital link between academic dreams and global career horizons. Our unwavering dedication revolves around delivering cost-effective, dependable services that seamlessly navigate our clients through the complexities of educational pursuits and work permit acquisition. Our differentiator lies in our resolute commitment to unparalleled customer service, swift responsiveness, and uncompromising quality, earning the unwavering trust of clients who aspire to excel in both education and their professional journeys.”


“We envision a future where we will stand as a dynamic and universally acclaimed pioneer in the realm of study abroad consultancy. We are driven by the aspiration to establish unprecedented benchmarks, harmonizing with the soaring dreams of our clientele and partner institutions across the globe. Our mission is to empower individuals to embark on a journey into a realm of boundless educational opportunities, fostering academic excellence that transcends geographical confines.”


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